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Ascendant: The Unwanted Monument

There is a debate raging about the appropriateness of placing a monumental sculpture called Ascendant: The Elizabeth Landmark on a moorland hilltop in Northumberland. This article engages with that debate and tries to sum it up from both sides.

Stained Glass in St Gregory’s Church, Vale of Lune.

The church of St Gregory at Marthwaite, a short distance from Sedburgh in Cumbria contains some very interesting and unusual stained glass. This mid Victorian church has stained glass windows dating from around the turn of the twentieth century, designed by Fredrick George Smith, which instead of the usual religious scenes contain much more interestimg … Continue reading Stained Glass in St Gregory’s Church, Vale of Lune.


Sage Gateshead, 4th and 5th June 2022 After seeing an advertisement for this event, I thought it looks interesting, although the Facebook advert had been quite cryptic on content.  So, I got a ticket and decided to see what it was all about – it’s free after all, and who doesn’t like a free cultural … Continue reading Surge

North of Tyne Under the Stars

Newcastle upon Tyne March 10 – 13, 2022 It’s not often that I look at popularised works of art that are currently running, however, having seen photographs of this particular installation online, I was intrigued enough to go into the city centre to view the spectacle myself as it was occurring. As I got to … Continue reading North of Tyne Under the Stars

Ad Minoliti – biosphere plush

I first visited this exhibit about six weeks ago, I walked away quite bemused at what I was visualising.  The array of colours displayed seems chaotic to me, and quite overpowering.  Now, however, I’ve had a few weeks to digest my initial surprise at what Minoliti has put together here, and have returned for another … Continue reading Ad Minoliti – biosphere plush

Ascendant: The Elizabeth Landmark

As this blog is relatively new, with still under a dozen articles published, and still finding its own voice in the world of art, I hadn’t imagined that an important debate on my doorstep about art, more specifically about monumental sculpture within the landscape would be something that I would feel confident sticking my nose … Continue reading Ascendant: The Elizabeth Landmark


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