Open exhibition 2022: A Portrait of Northumberland

19 February - 24 April 2023 - Woodhorn Museum Woodhorn currently has an exhibition of art in one of its galleries which are comprised of artwork submitted from an open call to the museum. From the artwork submitted they have selected over 130 pieces from a wide range of styles and mediums. The exhibition this … Continue reading Open exhibition 2022: A Portrait of Northumberland

Ad Minoliti – biosphere plush

Ad Minoliti - Biospheree Plush. Photo - Photo by amey I first visited this exhibit about six weeks ago, I walked away quite bemused at what I was visualising.  The array of colours displayed seems chaotic to me, and quite overpowering.  Now, however, I've had a few weeks to digest my initial surprise at what … Continue reading Ad Minoliti – biosphere plush

Strange Attractors – Haegue Yang

Tate St Ives – Visited 20th September 2021 Approaching this exhibition through the Tate St Ives galleries, I wasn’t so sure as to what I should expect to encounter when I finally reached the installation space.  In the room before the main installation, I didn’t realise the pieces there were connected to the main installation … Continue reading Strange Attractors – Haegue Yang