Sage Gateshead, 4th and 5th June 2022

After seeing an advertisement for this event, I thought it looks interesting, although the Facebook advert had been quite cryptic on content.  So, I got a ticket and decided to see what it was all about – it’s free after all, and who doesn’t like a free cultural event.

Upon entry, we were given a group talk on how to behave inside the auditorium, which was Sage 1.  Knowing now that I cna free roam around the performance and take photographs made me quite happy.

Surge – Photograph: photo by amy

It was a nice piece of theatre / semi immersive interpretive dance with music and poetry as a backdrop.  The subject was water, and our relationship to it.  They had a couple of volunteers in VR helmets taking part in the performance alongside the artists performing.

I really found the juxtaposition of screens and stage interesting, from the coreect angles the participants appeared tto be turning into water as they went behind the screen giving a seamless view of the performative action. 

Surge : photo – photo by amy

Towards the end of the session, which only lasted fifteen minutes, the dancing got more intense and felt more emotional. Altogether, this was fantastic to experience, though it wouldn’t appeal to everyone.

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